National Acupuncture Detoxification Association of Australia Inc.

Ear Acupuncture for addictions, stress and trauma
ear acupuncture- NADA protocol

The NADA Protocol is a non-verbal based therapy assisting with healing and recovery.

NADA ear acupuncture, also known as Acu-Detox protocol is used to assist people suffering from acute trauma in emergency and disaster settings, PTSD, addictions, withdrawal from substance use, stress, anxiety and mental health complaints.

The technique involves the insertion of  five small, sterilised disposable needles into specific points on each ear and retained for 45 minutes.

NADA ear acupuncture is a low cost, clinically effective therapy designed to be used in conjunction with other treatment modalities and within any medical, psychotherapeutic, behavioural, or humanitarian based setting. It is a non discriminative and non invasive modality designed to provide fast effective relief.

The Acu-detox program is traditionally used in group settings providing a framework of connection and support amongst participants, however can also be used in private sessions.

The protocol helps to facilitate participants motivation to engage in other relevant support services including counselling, allied health programs, drug and alcohol support groups, medical and nutritional care services together providing a basis for lasting results and the promotion of healthy positive lives.

Trained NADA practitioners

NADA Australia consists of trained practitioners and therapists from a variety of health and social support modalities. 

NADA Australia is affiliated with the NADA association in the USA and other international NADA groups.

We offer training and education for allied health practitioners, doctors, nurses and support workers to become NADA practitioners.

We aim to provide services in the context of disaster relief; communities affected by fire, floods, and other emergencies, support for first responders and rescue workers in accident and emergency settings, drug and alcohol and addiction support, stress relief, mental health, and PTSD support.

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How can you use Acu-Detox within your organisation or program?

Acu-detox programs are versatile and can be used in a variety of settings, we aim to provide the NADA protocol for communities that are suffering from natural disasters and trauma. Acu-detox can also be used to support people with mental health and those managing issues associated with stress, anxiety and drug and alcohol afflictions.


Our services can be utilised by contacting us directly through email or phone, if you would like to learn more about how we can help in conjunction with an existing program or along-side current services we are more than happy to discuss this and provide you with more information.

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