History and develpment of the NADA protocol

Acu-detox  programs have been operating widely across the United States and Canada along side drug and alcohol out reach programs, mental health services, PTSD support groups and acute trauma relief programs, since the early 1985 assisting people with detoxification from drugs and alcohol, PTSD and stress relief.

The effectiveness of this technique was initially discovered by  Dr H.L Wen, a neurosurgeon who during his use of electrically stimulated ear acupuncture points for analgesic purposes, he became aware that the treatment also reduced opiate withdrawal symptoms in his patients. This research was further investigated and later expanded upon by the Young Lords and Black Panther outlaw activist groups that were involved in the take over of the Bronx Lincoln Hospital during the early 70's protesting for better treatment and equality for all patients. 

Dr. Michale Smith, a psychiatrist working at the Lincoln began using the protocol in the methadone clinic  and further developed the use of the ear acupuncture points eventually settling on the five points that would become the Acu-Detox protocol.  

This  protocol is currently used in many detox centers in the USA and widely used by western medical and acupuncture practitioners to treat mental health complaints, PTSD, anxiety, depression and pain management. The protocol is also widely used to support first responders, those suffering from natural disasters or displacement, and along-side veterans support service groups. 

           Benefits of NADA

  • Assists to reduce drug and alcohol cravings and withdrawal symptoms

  • Down regulates the sympathetic nervous system response switching off the fight, flight or freeze response and activating the para-sympathetic nervous system restoring the mind and body to a calm balanced state of being.

  • Provides relief from stress, anxiety and emotional trauma

  • Assists with sleep and regulatory functions

  • Non verbal therapy, no consultation required, non invasive, non confrontational, non discriminative

  • Facilitates and supports  other therapies and interventions

  • Easily administered and appropriate in a variety of settings

  • Effective for first responders, rescue support workers, those suffering from trauma and PTSD, drug and alcohol afflictions and anyone experiencing stress or anxiety

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NADA Australia was established as a not-for-profit organisation on May 1st 2019.
We aim to provide cost free ear acupuncture to Australian communities for the purpose of supporting behavioural health, trauma, addiction and stress related disorders.
We aim to develop training programs for allied health workers, doctors, support workers and first responders and promote the work across all areas of health management specifically mental health, drug and alcohol, disaster and trauma support groups.
We are available to assist and provide treatment for communities facing natural disasters, trauma and displacement, and for people needing support with addiction management, stress and mental health issues.  
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